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FAQ for the Hawaii Salsa Festival

Q: Are there cannibals in Hawaii?

A: Yes, but under the Tourist Preservation Act of 1973, they're now required to wear signs, giving you fair warning before dancing with them.

Q: Do I need to bring a partner?

A: NO! 82.7% of attendees do not bring partners!

Q: Is it illegal to wear anything other than a grass skirt in Hawaii?

A: Yes, but most of the time the police will just issue warning tickets.

Q: I am a beginner, do I need to be any good?

A: NO! 65% of attendees are beginner, advanced beginner, or intermediate. We put the "Festive" in "Festival" and make sure EVERYONE is dancing!

Q: Where is Hawaii?

A: This is a state secret and we are forbidden from revealing it. We can tell you its probably a lot warmer than where you are right now.

Q: Are there many beginner classes?

A: Yes! In fact, we have so many beginner's classes we now call our offering a "Beginner's Bootcamp", which includes basic instruction in salsa, bachata and other Latin dances! We also have "Beginner's Dances" during the evening social dancing where we ask advanced dancers to find a beginner and dance with them.

Q: Where is Gilligan's Island?

A: Asking this question may reveal something about your age. I suggest avoiding the topic.

Q: What style of salsa dance do they do in Hawaii?

A: We dance all styles in Hawaii -- on1, on2, Cuban, Miami, Colombian. Aussie, L.A., New York, Euro, and home-grown salsa -- we love them all and all are welcome!

Q: Do I get Lei’d when I step off the plane?

A: To many variables to accurately predict, but the way it used to be in the movies was always just that. There are, however, many commercial services that will do this for you (so a great surprise for a loved one if you want to order in advance)!

Q: I need a roommate, can you help?

A: Yes, we have a roommate finder. Just go to The Roommate Finder and sign up! We recommend to not wait to reserve a room however just to make sure you get a room in the event hotel -- and if you don't get a response within a short time, write Dakin at SalsaInParadise@gmail.com and he will help you. We hook people up every year, even last minute!

Q: Is there really a Hawaii 5-0?

A: Hawaii 5-0 was a fictional state police force named after Hawaii being the 50th state of the US. To avoid revealing your age, again, I recommend talking only about the current TV program and if asked, pretending you have no idea who Jack Lord was.

Q: Are there any active volcano’s on Oahu?

A: No. The Island of Oahu was formed by only two volcanoes: Wai‘anae and Ko‘olau. These two have promised to remain inactive for as long as we keep the Hawaii Salsa Festival running. (Five years now....so far so good.)

Q: Can I still see a volcano while in Oahu?

A: Yes, a 10-minute bus ride will take you to the base of Diamond Head Crater. Then you can hike the Diamond Head trail all the way to the top.
I highly recommend this! To see an active volcano, check out DiscoverHawaiiTours.com for aerial tours over the big island.

Q: Do they still throw certain types of people into volcano’s to appease the gods?

A: Yes, a horrific practice that we officially oppose, but fortunately it has no relationship to whether you dance on1 or on2, so most of us don’t stress about it.