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Elvis Rodriguez

United Dance Studios

Contact: erodon2@gmail.com
Or (347) 731 - 8759

Favorite: Salsa on2 and Bachata

Elvis was born and raised in the BedStuy community of Brooklyn, NY. Half Puerto Rican and half Dominican, he has the best of both worlds as some people would say. Coming out of Brevoort Projects he was always influenced by all genres of music from: Hip-hop, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Reggae.

Growing up in a Christian home, he became in touch with gospel, contemporary Christian, Worship and Praise music. Through the years in church, he started showing an interest in playing music. By the age of 7 he already picked up drumsticks and started playing the pots and pans at home. By age 8 he became the drummer for his local church. As the years went by he picked up other instruments such as the keyboard, bass, guitar, bongos, congas and timbales and taught himself how to play them. You can call him a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. He played in a Christian band for a period of 3 years. The band’s name was U4C (United for Christ). He was also the director and arranger for this band.

In 1999, while going out with friends, Elvis was intrigued by couples dancing salsa at clubs. He would always find himself staring at these couples doing turns and combos and fancy footwork. He always said one day he wants to be “that guy” dancing. In July of 2005, Elvis finally made his way into a dance studio. He took his baby steps at Lorenz Latin Dance Studio (LLDS). Under the direction of Howie Lorenz, Elvis quickly picked up what he learned, shines and combos as if it were a natural thing for him.

Making his transition from beginner to intermediate on October of 2005, he was offered to join the Pro-Team at LLDS; so Elvis took the challenge and quickly picked up the routines. He was able to perform at numerous events within the tri-state area including: the Boston Salsa Congress, D.C. Salsa Congress, Connecticut SalsaFest and the New York Salsa Congress. In March 2006, Elvis was also elected to dance for Aventura in MSG for their God’s Project Tour (he danced with Yamulee’s Mariella Castiglione for this event). Elvis danced with the LLDS Pro-Team til March of 2007.

Ready to “Discover a new realm of dancing”, Elvis decided to move on to a new scene. He joined the Signatura Dancers of the Tumimambo family. Under the new direction of Jesse Yip, he continues to grow and learn more as time progresses. Signatura has a smooth and clean style of dancing. Elvis also has been lending a hand teaching for Tumimambo dance school where he aught all levels.

Elvis also taught in Levittown, Long Island at Rhythms & Soul Dance Studio, directed by Kelly Ficarra during the period of 2008. Currently, Elvis is teaching at United Dance Studios where he teaches Salsa On2 Int/Adv and Dominican Bachata. He has been there since 2008. There, he is united with his teammates which make up the DeNovo Dance Company, established in 2009. DeNovo, which is a Latin expression meaning "from the beginning," "afresh," "anew”, brings a unique flow to their style of dancing. Elvis is known for his sense of humor, his crazy yet defined dance style, musicality and “da Shocker”…