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Jake Jacobs

Company: Salsa By Jake

Contact: jake@salsabyjake.com

Favorite: Salsa on-1

Jake has studied and taught Salsa for over 15 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has spread the SF style in clubs worldwide. He taught at the original nightclub legend Kimball's Carnival (Emeryville), the Bay Area's former premier Salsa Club for over 3 years, and at the Bay Area's longest running nightclub and Salsa Studio, Alberto's Nightclub in Mountain View for over 2 years. Jake's teaching methodology, style, and sense of humor have become a favorite in the Bay Area Salsa scene over the years. He currently teaches at several locations around the Bay Area, including the famous Cafe Cocomo in San Francisco, which is now the premier spot for Salsa in the Bay Area, developing a loyal following after opening over 10 years ago. Cafe Cocomo was favorably reviewed in both the 2002 -2008 Zagat Guides to Nightlife in the S.F. Bay Area, with the "fabulous instructors" being mentioned as well - the only Salsa instructors noted in the Guide! Jake's Salsa classes are taught with all dancing levels in mind, going into important detail about the patterns taught, and the means for making them easy to dance, and attractive to watch. Classes are kept "light" too, so that even those dancers struggling with new moves for the first time feel at ease and remember that dancing is for fun. Jake has taught numerous workshops over the years in the Bay Area, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Stockholm, Thailand.

Jake's partner Louise is an accomplished dancer, and she has danced salsa for over 8 years. She was co-director the dance troupe Ricasalsa for 2 years. Her background includes Salsa, International Latin, Ballet, Modern, Jazz. She teaches with a variety of salsa instructors all over the Bay Area and she has competed in International Latin ballroom dance as well. Together, Jake and Louise are a great teaching team. Louise currently teaches salsa with numerous instructors all over the SF Bay Area. She is also a registered nurse.

Jake and Louise work the "front lines" of the Salsa scene by introducing many new people to the dance in their nightclub classes. Many dancers in the Bay Area started dancing with them -- class attendance recently topped 75,000 since he started! Jake strongly believes in Salsa as social dancing rather than competitive sport. While performance and competition may be an exciting avenue for some dancers, eventually all come back to why they started in the first place: to enjoy the music and dance together with friends in a good social setting (nightclub). So, Salsa dance should be a skill that you can utilize for enjoyment for life. To that end, Jake and Louise teach excellent basic dance skills and partnering technique such that dancers can dance with others anywhere they live or whatever style they may learn. There is a great thrill that comes with communicating with other dancers that you may not know (perhaps while traveling) effectively and enjoying one another's stylistic differences. Getting too used to dancing only one style or with one group of dancers does not allow this.

Jake mainly dances and teaches 'on-1' timing, but he dances both timings well. Louise is experienced in both on-1 and on-2 timings.

Jake has studied music for over 7 years and he currently plays percussion in several salsa bands. He can teach both timing and many nuances in Latin music to better help dancers connect.